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I hope everyone is doing well, I am posting another post today as I got some positive response from my previous blog, I decided to make it more serious, this is why I decide to buy the domain. and it took¬†some time to setup and now, here I am…..

What I want to tell you

In this blog, I will again talk about myself I hope you guys won’t get bored ūüėõ I will talk about how much I played and at what positions¬†I played.¬†Well, I basically started to play in school when I was in 10’th standard, In school, I started to learn football¬†with my team, I was on a reserve team and rarely got chance to play one day our team goalkeeper wasn’t able to play , they gave me a chance to play as a goalkeeper as they didn’t¬†have any choice ,¬† finally¬†I was on the pitch but I was not for it, When in start I was successfully stopping some goals but it realy¬†did’nt¬†work out for me so far . but my physical education¬†teacher gave me another chance which was a right center back defender

It was the time to take position

In school, we were having four teams, it was the time for the preparation for the inter-school competition, So amongst 4 teams a final team which was to be finalized, In between this time I finally made to the bench as the center-right back substitute. and I got few chances to prove myself, In which I got success, I started to use a strategy which was running against the runner which creates a fear of collision in opponents which leads me to a better performer. I made it to the starting 11, I become a wall for the strikers, I was happy with this position, but my teacher wanted more and started doing experiments with my positions, he realized that I am good at curling the ball with my left foot and good in power shot with my right foot.

My teacher then gave me the new position of right-back winger In this position a player has many responsibilities on the pitch, as playing in this position You have to maintain the defense, passing, pace as well as strike, I was doing good in all position.

Few Good Goals

Check out the above video and you will know my style of playing

I didn’t¬†score many goals in this period, But they were quality goals, one of them was,¬† I was running behind the right¬†forward winger and overlapped¬†the ball was with me the other team was in full defense with 4-4-2 formation I made an inside cut strike the ball with my left foot, and I was good at curling the ball with this foot, the ball took a little¬†height¬† and with the parabola curve it went in the post . The other one I remember was a night match I was in central mid defending¬†position, the possession¬†was with another team in our territory¬†in attacking mode and we were in defending position¬†, suddenly somehow our striker manages to intercept and stole the ball and then he made sprint towards the post and so do I , I was behind him I took left position he was on right and as we reached near¬† box he pass the ball towards me and just 1 soft touch with my right foot lead us to final score of 1-0.

There were few more good goals I made, but 1 last goal I want to share with you guys was a penalty corner usually there was another guy who use to take the corner kick with right foot so that ball can go outside the box and get more chances to score, but here was different captain called me up asked me to do it . so I was at corner now my aim was to curl the ball inside as much as possible and that’s what I did as the whistle blew, again with the parabolic curve the ball went into the post of left corner I remember that moment of joy, every player of our team rushed towards me they hold me up in the air for celebration .

And here comes the full stop

Yes before I could make it to the final team I felt sick badly, I was having the respirational condition, That’s where a dream ended, I was on rest for a long time, and then final exams came and everything related to this game ended.

What now?

After so many years passed away now I have decided to finish up the thing I started but in a different way, I am continuing my passion on this platform. I will write about each and everything about this beautiful game, like news clubs, latest transfers and many more.


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